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Topic:   Sanyo PLC-XP07N Help!!!

Hello everyone. I have a big problem hopefully someone can help with. The lamp replace light went on a few days ago and so I purchased the new bulb, but now the projector will only project an image for a little over 2 minutes and then shut down, and about 1 minute later it will display the "Ready" signal, and again only display for 2 minutes. Now, the projector has been dropped, but was working fine regardless. I read it might have been dirty, but after opening it up to take out the bulb, spraying the entire system and ducts with Dust Removing CO2 cannisters, and noticing no excess dust, the reassembled projector still does not project longer than 2 minutes. Thank you all for your time. -David
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Topic:   LG Model z42px2d Y-SUS Board Failure

*** Some additional information I found... As it turns out, there are newer revisions for 3 circuit boards that are now being sold as a kit. It appears you should replace all 3 at the same time. Read more here @ TV Forums: I did a search and found the kit: LG Plasma Repair Kit Kit contains 3 Boards 6871QCH053G (Signal Board) 6871QVH036D (YSUS Board) 6871QZH041B (ZSUS Board) $220.00