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Topic:   Help needed - throw distance

I have an Aaxa P4 Pico that does roughly what you are asking. It makes a 50" diagonal from about 8 feet away so as long as you can place the projector in front by about 6 feet you should be fine. But I agree with everyone else, projectors are best if you are trying to get a huge image. Something smaller than 40" makes more sense to get a TV if you are going for the high end expensive projectors. If you are looking for a Pico or Micro, this makes more sense.
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Topic:   I'm a clueless mom! I need help with purchasing a pico projector please!

I am looking for a pico projector. I'm a single mom and live in a small apartment. So I definitely do not have more than $400 for this projector's budget. I wanted to get a new t.v. but a friend noticed that my son and I really do not watch t.v we mainly use it to play video games or watch movies on Netflix. He suggested a pico projector. From all the research I did ( which was somewhat blind research) I bumped into reviews about the AAXA P4 and the Optoma PK320. Which one would be best for me? I want to get my moneys worth which I know is a lot to ask when my budget is small. I know this is a small time question for all you experts out there, but this was the only forum I found to be honest and helpful. Thanks a lot!
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Topic:   Aaxa P4 -- first impressions

My P4 arrived about a week ago. I wish I could be positive, but I'm kind of disappointed. To me, there are two reasons to buy the P4, it's brightness and battery power. When I saw that battery-based output had been bumped up a bit, I decided to jump in. The packaging is very nice (in case that matters to you). The overall design is decent. The included cables and the little flex-arm tripod add a bit of perceived value. The manual more or less sucks, but a product like this shouldn't need a large, detailed manual. The operation should be intuitive, and in this case it mostly is. Brightness? Well, I don't have a means to measure it, but I can tell you that it's brighter when it's plugged in than when it ain't. Nobody should expect a cinema experience, even at 36" in a dark room. But there's certainly a slot in the range of projector applications for something like this; we don't always require a full-fidelity experience. The first serious problem—and I knew about this before buying—is fan noise. You can NOT use the on-board speakers for anything even slightly detailed, because the fan obscures the sound. As long as you are committed to either using headphones or taking a line out to a powered sound system, this is not a deal-breaker. But it sure would be a MUCH better product if it was significantly quieter. Speaking of sound... the output is dicey, at best. Playing a Netflix video on m iPad2 through the P4 via composite cables, the sound was very smeared, I could barely understand the film's dialogue unless I made it painfully loud. Using the same earbuds directly from the iPad, the sound was pristine. Listening to a music file that came on the P4, the sound was only fair. The software is weak. When adjusting things like volume, color, and brightness, you only get a small number of "clicks" from one end of the range to the other. You can't "dial in" the setting you want, and the difference from one click to the next is simply too big. The software does not respond to button presses quickly. It is impossible to simply enter the video menu and see your list of files... the P4 insists on immediately playing the first (alphabetically) or last-played file on the device. Annoying! Button presses to navigate out of a given mode back to the main screen are frequently ignored. The suck factor rises... In my case the biggest problem, by far, is that the P4 simply does not mount on my desktop properly. It does appear on the desktop, but literally every single time I try to mount the device, it un-mounts itself within the next 2 to 30 seconds somehow, bringing up errors on my Mac. When I unplug the USB cable and reconnect it, the P4 does not refresh its connection to my computer; it remains stuck in the same inert mode unless I actually power-cycle it. I need to load up the P4 with an ever-changing list of video files I'd like to show to my music classes, but I am unable to do this. I can only use the P4 with another video source driving it. I've sent a support ticket to Aaxa via their website, and I will be sure to report on the quality of their assistance. It seems that, in the race to be the first product on the U.S. market to use this light engine, a lot of issues slipped past Quality Assurance. I'd bet that Aaxa is only selling the P4 directly because they are aware that there are still some significant bugs to work out. If Aaxa can at least give me a way (through software update, repair, or replacement) to reliably load their device with my files, I'll feel better about it, but at the moment my rating is hovering around 2 stars out of 5. If I come up with any other information that might be of use, I'll post again later. Also, if anyone has any specific questions about the P4, I'll do my best to answer them. I may only get here every couple of days, but I'll do what I can.
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