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Topic:   projector for drive-in in haiti

Hi I am working in Haiti, which doesnt have a single operating cinema in the whole country, and after two years am missing watching movies. So I am setting up a drive-in, which will work as there are a million cars and since the earthquake people prefer not to be under large roofs. I have leased land near the centre of port au prince. There is a very large, 70ft x 60ft flat wall against a building that I will use. I will be painting this again to ensure it is white, although not glossy. There will be up to 100 cars watching, receiving audio through a RAmsey FM transmitter that I will use. I dont want to spend more than 10k on the projector. I know I really need a christie or other professional projector, but this is not possible. on the plus side, there is almost no ambient light, and i will be playing in the dark. It is possible to use less of the screen, say 45ft wide. After much internet research I think I need as many lumens as possible, and to keep cost down, a WXGA or 720p image. i had considered stacking two 5000 lumin projectors but read somewhere that this affects the blacks and so the contrast is not good. have found a Panasonic PT-DW730US WXGA projector which seems to meet my needs. Please can you advise on this ? many thanks.