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Topic:   Panasonic PT-FW430U Help!

Hello, I was wondering if anyone could give me a hand sourcing a lamp fan or just the part number for my projector. The Panasonic part number is L6FCYYYH0066 ,but I know it uses a generic Toshiba blower type fan. The stick on the back of the fan faded quite a bit so the toshiba part number faded. I know it starts with SF602. I have looked everywhere and have sent emails to shops and everyone comes back with “discontinued”. I really don’t want to get rid of the machine just for one stinking bad fan. The Panasonic part number has been discontinued, but I’m sure I can source the toshiba fan. If some has a working fw430 that they’re be willing to pull the part number off the back of the fans sticker you would be a lifesaver. Thanks in advance!!!
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Topic:   Panasonic PT-FW430EA vs Epson powerlite EB-1925W

Hi All, So I've been searching for the best possible projector for my business and I've nailed it down to two possibilities. Panasonic PT-FW430EA or the Epson powerlite EB-1925W The panasonic is $500 more than the Epson but I am not concerned with this. So despite price, can somebody please assist in making this decision easier. Its purpose will be to display highly detailed engineering CAD drawings in a board room. What are some pros and cons of each. It needs to be 1280x800 res to match the native of our laptops. Thanks