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Topic:   2 same projectors (CHRISTIE LWU505), but one cannot display 16:10, the other one can.

Hi, My problem : l have 2 projectors, bothes the same : CHRISTIE LWU505. l have to beam on two screens with a 16:10 ratio. For this l have to use 2 different computers. One is a macbookpro, 2nd is an lmac. With the 1st projector l can display an image with 16:10 ratio (true ratio), all fine ! On the 2nd, l cannot select "true" ratio mode, and l cannot select à 16:10 ratio. Even if l switch the computers, the problem persist : l cannot select "true" ratio in the menu, and l cannot display in 16:10, ratio is like blocked in 16:9. Projectors are the same, but when l look closer the information menu, the "system" informations are not the same. On the first, "system" is : "D-WUXGA 2". On the second (the one that fail to 16:10) it's "D-1080 P" (see attached picture). My questions : Is this problem due to a different version of sofware ? Or did l missed a preset to force to "true" format or 16:10 ? The problem still remains even if l switch the computer, that makes me feel the problem comes from the projector. But they both are the same.. So l think about a software difference... Well, at this point l admint my fail to resolve this myself and l look forward for you wisdom and knowledge :-) :-)
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