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Topic:   Viewsonic Blurry Corners

I purchased a ViewSonic Pro8400 a few months ago and started to notice in the bottom right corner of the screen is blurry. When I try to refocus the projector it fixes the bottom right corner but then the top left corner will become blurry. I've checked all connections and tried connecting it to another computer source and all do the same thing. I've reached out to Viewsonic and had them RMA the projector and I confirmed they sent me a different projector. Any ideas what could be causing this issue? On a side note when I turn the projector upright I do not get any blurry corners but the only option is to mount it upside down on the ceiling. Thanks!
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Topic:   What projector for my Living Room?

Thanks for answers - clearly I will give priority to light control. Then what? I understood LCD-projector is way to go - due to superior Brightness - still didn't see anything on the market matching my needs and budget. What do you think about the VS Pro8400 - what holds my PO back is the lack of DVI.
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