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Topic:   Differences between a home theater projector and business?

Would someone be able to explain or link me to somewhere that has the main differences between a home theater projector and a business projector? As far as I can tell, home theater generally have higher contrast and less brightness - is this correct? I am in the market for a projector that I will be using as a TV in a room that may be pitch black, and may have sunlight coming in through the windows. I was looking at the Casio XJ-A250 because it has 3000lm with an LED bulb suitable for a projector being used as a TV. Will this projector also have decent quality when being used in a dark room for movies? It has contrast 1800:1 and 1080iHD signal so I believe this indicates it must have at least decent movie capabilities? Other websites have advised me that contrast of 3000:1 or higher is desirable for home theater, is 1800 acceptable for TV and the occasional movie? My desired features for the projector are at least 2500lm (room may have ambient light), widescreen, any digital input, and a throw of 100in from 8ft. Does anyone have experience with another projector that has these features? (if it matters, my screen is the 100in DIY as described on projectorcentral) Thanks in advance for the help. Always quality advice here.
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