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Topic:   sound trouble

recently bought a benq1000+ and im very pleased overall however the sound the comes outta it is very crapy. Looking at getting a but not sure what exactly im looking for? if that makes now theres 5.1 and 7.1 and so on ... what do i really need would like it to be loud but dont wanna break the bank. also seen would like to hook oup bass shakers to my couches. i seen 770 watts 1oo watts per chanel. do i need something this big ??
Topic:   Lighting

I recently purchased the BenQ W1000+. It's my first projector and I intend on using it in my room where I have complete control over the lighting. My question is, what is the ideal lighting for a home theatre setup? I own a HDTV and have a soft light behind the TV to reduce eyestrain. Is some sort of ambient lighting necessary to reduce eyestrain for a home theatre projector setup or is it best to watch in the dark?
Topic:   Compatable Ceiling Mount?

I'm replacing my current BenQ projector a PE7700 and considering a new projector. The BenQ W1000+ is on the top of the list. Question is, will my existing ceiling mount work for the new projector? How do you tell what the mounting looks like on the bottom of a projector?
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