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Topic:   high frequency noise on benq mw512

hey. i've recently purchased used benq mw512 projector. it's not as quiet as specifications says. besides from fan noise, i'm getting some sort of very high pitch sound. it's more like electric ac/dc conversion high frequency noise. i must say its pretty annoying. my question is: is it normal? all mw512s do that? can i fix it somehow?
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Topic:   BenQ MW512 Won't Turn On

Hi guys! Been a while since I've been here, and I've ran into a problem lately. My Benq MW512 projector stopped turning on today. I know the lamp was in good condition (around 1500 hours run in Eco Mode, and its rated for >5000). When I press the on button, I hear some clicks inside the projector, which used to be standard when it was turning on. After that, it turns back off and the orange "standby" light turns on again. Any idea? I recently changed the dmd on the projector (about 6 months ago), and I never had a problem with that. Any experts out there that can help me diagnose the problem? (I have electrical skills and knowledge, so I should be able to perform any repairs myself) Cheers!
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