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Topic:   Panasonic AE4000 vs JVC DLA-HD250Pro

Still no review for the JVC HD250 ... it was in production in october 2010. I Wonder why ??
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Topic:   5 Year Home Theater Project

After 5 years of saving / on and off again construction, finally finished my Home Theater. Pictures show the progress from what the original planned theater ,the reconstructed progress, to the finished Theater Room. Did all the work myself except for carpet installation, details of the equipment and cost are as follows: Theater Building Materials : $3,500 Projector: JVC HD 250 - $2,499.00 Projector Mount: Chief RPMAU RPA Elite - $159.99 Screen: Carada 118 inch Brilliant White - $704.30 Receiver: Denon AVR 1911 - $399.99 Speakers: In Wall - Polk Vanishing Series 625-RT - 4 @ $149.99 - $599.96 In Wall Center - Polk Vanashing Series c-RT $349.99 Bookshelf - Polk TSi100 - pair - $199.99 Sub Woofer - Polk PSWIII - promotion - $0.00 TV Receiver: Directv HD DVR Blu Ray: Panasonic DMPBDT210 - $199.99 Power Surge Protector / Battery Backup - $99.00 Universal Remote: Logitech Harmony One - $184.99 HDMI Cables: 30 ft. Monoprice 22AWG CL2 - $27.04 3 ft Monoprice 24AWG CL2 - 2 @ $4.54 - $9.08 Wire: In Wall 14/2 Speaker Wire 500ft - $133.00 Sub Woofer Wire: 8 ft Digital Coax Audio Cable - $29.99 Theater Seats: Berkline Tangier Series - 5 @ $365 - $1825.00 Taxes and Shipping: $247.51 Total - $11,168.82
Topic:   new jvc to replace the hd250?

When will the madness end for me?! I now am reading that JVC will be replacing/updating their so called entry level home theater projector, the hd250. Anybody else read of this? I've been on the fence with the Panny 4000 until intrigue set in with last years CEDIA event bringing forth the new line of projectors. Nothing new from Panasonic...Epsons 21000 has yet to be seen along with their other more expensive models...Sonys but mixed reviews. I guess i'm venting more than anything out of frustration. I'd like to graduate from my 65" Toshiba RPTV hd monitor to a good/great performing 1080p home theater projector by mid May to June perhaps. Any input from anybody would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Topic:   HD250 Questions

I am looking for a projector for my home theater. The screen size will be 120 Inches. Most like I will get Seymour AV Center Stage XD AT screen. The room width is 16 feet. Seating distance will be 14-15 feet. I will be able to control light in the room but will not have the option to have black paint on the ceiling and walls. I is a semi dedicated room. We will use this projector for watching movies and sports. Typical usage will be 50% movies and 50% DirecTV broadcast. This project was released 6 months ago. I don't see many reviews for it. Will it do a good job when there is some light in the room? Will it be bright enough for my home theater? Is there another projector I should consider in the same price range. Thanks
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[QUOTE=AV_Integrated|Mar 4, 2011 3:52:36 AM] The screen takes NO part in the choice of the projector. The screen is purchased for the environment it is going into. So, a retractable screen, or a fixed screen, a grey screen, a white screen, a black screen, etc. The screen is for the room, then the projector is purchased for the quality it can deliver. Your room determines what makes the most sense, so if you have a light colored room, the better product may make less sense. A properly setup room with dark walls, ceiling, etc. is when the better projectors make a ton of sense. [/QUOTE] If and when you get the time send me your email or phone number info. I may or may not be in the correct forum to ask this but do let me know. Stewart makes the sst and the g3 in the firehawk screens but on paper I can't see much difference in the specs of the two. Will a 1.1 gain (sst) make that much of a difference vs the 1.3 gain?
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