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Topic:   Looking for a new projector.

We're looking for a new projector for our sanctuary. We will use it for video clips and power point slides. Our screen is 120" wide and currently the projector ceiling mount is 23' from the screen. (That distance can be changed.) We typically have the lights dimmed for video clips and ppt slides. There are small windows in the sanctuary but all of them have coverings and sunlight isn't a problem. We currently use a Dell 4100MP which is getting old and never really was a suitable projector. We're looking at the 2k to 3k price range. I'm thinking about a Viewsonic Pro8500 or the Benq SP920P but I'm not convinced they will work for our application. Sound is not an issue because it will run through our sound system. Has anyone had any experence with either of these or have any suggestions?
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Topic:   Video Background for live performance? Making the right choice

Hi all. I have learned a great deal just by reading here. I do have some questions that I just cant seem to get an answer to. First a bit of background for application. I am using this to run video in the background of live performances. This is more so theatrical productions for a small dance studio. Here are the DESIRED needs: 1- somewhere between 20' and 40' background. 2- be bright enough to cut through SOME stage lighting (really not alot.. no spot lights.) 3- I can not understand why I would not be able to use both projectors to get the size I need from one source. Shouldn't a simple dual video card handle that without a weird seam? I am looking at the viewsonic Pro8500 for that. Any suggestions, warnings, verbal slaps to the back of the head are welcomed. :) Thanks in advance..
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