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Topic:   Connectivity Issues?

Hello guys, thanks for visiting my post and helping me with my following questions. (1) Between the: [1] Optoma PRO260X Projector or the [2] Epson EX5200 Projector wish do you think is better to stream movies from my computer and play games. I would also like to know if I connect a HDMI cable to the projector from my laptop I know I will get image+audio, but, since the Epson projector doesnt have audio out I would like to sync the Monster Clarity HD via bluetooth to my laptop. Will I be able to do that and use the speaker as well?
Topic:   Newbi Wiring Question - Please Assist

I'm sure glad I found this website! My question is about hooking up my new projector to my current sound system. While going through previous posts and answers here and elsewhere I have seen it is possible but have not learned specifically how to do it so here's what I'd like to do: Watch TV and Blu Rays the way I normally do and when needed watch Blu Rays through the projector and hear the sound through my system. Blu Ray - Panasonic DMP BD35 - (HDMI 1 on receiver) HP Desktop - (HDMI 2 on receiver) AT&T Satellite - HD Cisco Box (HDMI 3 on receiver) Projector - Epson EX5200 - Has HDMI Receiver- Yamaha RX-V665 - Has 4 HDMI Inputs and One Out that right now is going to the TV TV - Samsung HL-T5687SA I'm not at all technical but if you tell me which HDMI cable goes where so I can see the Blu Ray image on my projector screen and hear the sound through my system I would really appreciate it!