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Topic:   BenQ Wireless Dongle chipset...

I am interested to know what chipset is contained in the BenQ branded Wireless USB 2.0 Dongle (5J.J0614.A21 or 5J.J0614.021). I would like to know if it is Ralink or Realtek, and what version of the chipset is present. Any ideas ?
Topic:   Can I scale the image of the MS612st down? Hi All I currently have the BenQ MS614 but was thinking of swapping it for the BenQ MS612ST . The reason being that the throw distance of the BenQ MS612ST is very good so instead of having the BenQ MS614 sitting on my microwave at the back of the room and people walking into the picture all the time (when in a party situation) I simply have the MS612st sitting on a coffee table. The trouble i have though is that sometimes i will want the Benq MS612st sitting high in the cupboard behind my bed but thats a 3.65m distance to the wall. The wall space I have (which is free from obstruction) is about 200 width by 105 height. Unfortunately the projection calculator gives me 374 cm width and 281 cm in height! So i was wondering if there were a way to adjust the throw size at all? ( I know there is the small zoom ring but that doesnt seem to increase/decrease by that much). On a side note how good is the 54mbps wireless lan on these - is it worth buying a wireless dongle when i want to be streaming videos/music>
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Topic:   BENQ MS612ST Projector Recommendation

Hello everyone, I am seriously considering purchasing this short-throw projector: It's retailing for $599. I really want a short throw so I can put it on a table just a metre from the wall and play the Wii or watch movies. It will be in the basement. I havent found any useful reviews on this. What should I be mindful of? The specs seem really good for the price... Thanks and Merry Christmas to all!
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