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Topic:   Issues with DPI dVision 35 in 3D mode

Digital Projection dVision 35 WQXGA XC
Projector Specs
We have a dVision 35 connected to a Lumigen for 3D (the native dVision 3D solution is not yet available). We have tried both the IR glasses and DLP link. What is happening is that in 3D mode, even if you pause the screen, the picture will subtly fade from a reddish tint to a bluish tint (IIRC) and keep going back and forth. Sometimes we lose the 3D. We've tried a second projector and second Lumigen and the same thing happens. To date, DPI has been very little help in this matter and I have a customer who will be extremely irate if I can't get him 3D within a week. Runco's 3D products are out of his budget and the mVision is too 'low end'. I'm hoping there may be another reseller here that has encountered this and found a band-aid or if it's a known phenomenon that happens with some 3D projectors in general with a workaround. Thanks!
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