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Topic:   First Setup Help Needed.

Hello all. I've actually been reading here for a couple months leading up to the purchase of my projector. I'm happy to report I got a Benq MX511; and it's lived up to all my needs so far. I have one problem though, I have a 120'' screen that I've set up on the frame of my gazebo, which you can imagine is about 6 to 7 feet off the ground. I put my Mx511 on a table 17 feet away from the screen and when i turn it on, the image is projected above the screen. I've remedied this by folding up some paper and putting it under the rear feet of the projector; tilting the projector down in the front, and used keystone to adjust the image. My question is: Is there a setting I'm missing that makes the projector project straight ahead?