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Topic:   Benq SP840 vs Epson Powerlite 8350 vs BenQ W6000

So i've been wanting to setup a Home Theater System for a while and i've short listed a few projectors, particularly the BenQ SP840, W6000 and the Epson 8350. Which one should i go for? I know the issues behind using a DLP projector and the rainbowing effect that can occur. That is my biggest concern about the two BenQ projectors. As far as the Epson 8350 is concerned, my only issue is that its 2000 Lumen projector and i don't know if that i'll be bright enough? Having been using 1200 Lumen projector and 4500 lumen projector in the past i dont know if the Epson will be bright enough to produce vivid colours. What are peoples thoughts in which one i should choose and why, My preference is leaning towards the BenQ SP840 but i'm open ideas from others as to which projector i should choose, it need not be the projectors i've listed. My budget is about $1800 for the projector, one thing is a must it should be 1080p compatible. Just as a side note what room size is and general info about where i intend to setup the H.T. The room thats this is going to be setup in is about 9m (30ft) by 6m(19ft) one wall(9m) is entirely glass so the room can be bright even with the blinds closed. I intend project a 80" to 100" (diagonal) 16:9 image; I'm not a 100% decided on my projection material but it'll most likely be Rosco Grey based. I'm also looking into US Nippura BlueOcean Clarix Front projection screen as well as Evonik 7D006, They are on a short list depending on what the cost would be for them to import them into Canada.
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