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Topic:   Epson 83+ for home?

Ended up finding a Viewsonic PJD5122 refurbished for $199 from Macmall. I didn't need the HD since I will just be hooking it up to my Wii and Mac and it seemed to have pretty solid specs for the price.
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Topic:   Viewsonic PJD5152 vs. Viewsonic PJD5122 ????

I have pretty much narrowed my projector choice down to either the Viewsonic PJD5152 or Viewsonic PJD5122. I have done a comparison online and do not see many differences... Is it worth the extra $50 for the 5152? While looking online and on youtube a lot of people list the 5122 in their top 5 so I am leaning towards that. Here is the comparison that I found: The main purpose of the projector will be for my wedding slideshow, then it will go into my basement for future movie and gaming useage. Thanks for the help!
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