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Topic:   3d projector help

I need help please because i am no expert and even after alot of research i am still at a lose. I want to purchase a 3d projector that can handle 3d movies from a ps3 or a sony 3d bluray player. I would also love to be able to game in 3d. Ideally i would like to purchase just one set of glasses but would like for the projector to have the ability to do both. I have decided to spend most of my budget on a sound system so a 720p 3d projector is fine. i was looking at the Acer x1161-3d projector. Is this a good choice? is it compatable with the ps3 and 3d blurayer players if i order dlp link glasses. can it handle 3d gaming also? I liked this system because it is cheap and says it can also do 1080p but i dont know if that is true. Can anyone recommened a better projector my price range is around $1000 dollars.
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Topic:   maximum resolution question HELP!

Ok, so I was hoping that someone with a little more experience could answer a question for me. I’ve been pricing different projectors, looking for one that can display 1920x1080. I am going to be running my xbox to the projector using a VGA HD cable from microsoft that says it supports up to 1080p. Some of the projectors I’m looking at say they have a native resolution of 800x600 but a maximum of 1920x1080. For example I’m looking at the Acer 1611-3D (specs taken from this site) that has these specs and wanted to know if since I’m using a VGA HD connector just like a computer monitor, am I going to be able to get 1080p resolution from my xbox? Or will it just take a 1080p signal and resize it to fit 800x600 pixels? If they say there’s a maximum resolution of 1920x1080 I would assume this would work fine, but I don’t want to make an expensive mistake. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!
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