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Topic:   ViewSonic PJL7211 projector for home theater. What do you think?

Hey all, first post here. Being a budget minded type of guy I am always on the lookout for ways to build my HT without spending a bundle. One thing I always dream of getting is a projector and screen. As all of you probably know this can be an expensive task to get anything that isn't garbage or not very well suited for a HT application. One thing I look to is the business/classroom projectors. It seems to me that if you forgo HDMI inputs and do not care about getting a 4:3 aspect ratio screen then a deal can be found. One such deal I have stumbled across is the ViewSonic PJL7211 XGA LCD Projector. Couple that with a Focupix screen from HTDepot and I think you could have a pretty nice setup "on the cheap". I would be using a "fat" ps3 with an HDMI to DVI cable from monoprice to the projector. Here is a link to it. These projectors can be found for $400.00 all over the internet. So, what you all think? Does anyone have any experience with these projectors? Would this be a "pretty good" HT setup? Considering the cost... All thoughts and input are appreciated.
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