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Topic:   Where can I find 3d content for my PJD6210-3D?

Hey, My Viewsonic is advertised as being 3D but I was wondering if there is any content that I can watch in 3D without having to use the nVidia's 3D Vision™ $200 package with the active shutter glasses. Is there any content available that will work with just regular polarized 3d glasses?
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Topic:   Help me understand P-VIP Lamp technology!

So I finally got rid of my old Eiki. I picked up the Viewsonic 120hz PJD6210-3D. I notice it uses the P-VIP lamp type. I have googled and searched looking for what the technology is behind the lamp. I've found them new in the $130-$150 range. Also it gets 3500-4000 hours of life. That is quite an improvement in both areas when it comes to lamps. So anyone know any interesting details or facts about the P-VIP technology? Specifically care and proper usage?
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