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Topic:   Have a look at this picture to help the diagnostic of my issue

Epson Europe EH-TW4400
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Hello, I am new on this forum and before starting I would like to thank everybody for the forum and projector central. Thanks. I have a problem with my projector Epson TW4400 and the image is not nice at all. I got a new Lamp 10 month ago and it is now around 500h. When i look at the Epson logo at the boot of the projector, I have a dark side on the top edge. It is not a straigh perfer line. Also, the white letters on the screen are "shining" too much and are "melting" above and below... When i turn the lens, these white blurry lines are moving also. The nicest image (non blury) is when these lines are vertical... I just clean the air filter and the projector with a vaccum. Took out the lamp to have a loook and put it back... it is the same :-( Please Have a look at the image and pleas advise me. Thanks
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