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Topic:   Ceiling mount projector help!

Good day! I bought a projector today due to a great price I couldn't pass up. I'd like to ceiling mount the project in my basement (which is finished). Is there a limit to the length of a HDMI and power cable I can run to the projector. My plan is to run the cables along the corner and mount the projector on the center of the beam in the room. I've linked a couple photos to help with what I want to do. I'd much rather run the cables through the ceiling but quickly looking everything over - it won't be easy, so running the cables along the seams is my only real choice for now. My run would require a 25-30' power and HDMI cable - where would I find such things? I've found the HDMI cable on monoprice, but not sure if a 30' power cable exists! Any suggestions on a ceiling mount? I plan to have my gaming consoles, cable box and receiver on a shelf by the electrical panel (wooden doors in the corner) Any help or suggestions would be great! IMAGES: - Plan to project onto this wall, with the projector ceiling mounted on the beam at the top of the photo. - plan to run HDMI and power cable along ceiling and beam seam from electrical panel area. - another image showing electrical panel area where I plan to have my components.
Topic:   Audio Help...

Hi, I purchased an Epson EX51 DLP Projector today and I am very happy with it, but I need a surround sound system that will connect to my XBOX 360 and PS3 (Blu-ray) and then to my projector. Do I just need a surround sound system with an HDMI input and output? I included a photo of the back of my projector if it helps. Thanks