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Topic:   help with setup

Thank you so much, I moved the project to the right until square and then used the zoom and shift to adjust to the screen size. The problem is the mount I purchased is a piece of crap. No set screw to fine adjust, it is basically a ball in a socket with two Allen screw to tighten up when you achieve proper placement. Almost imposable to hold projector in correct position and tighten screws and have it hold in place. So I am going to get a new mount today (sanus vp1) that has fine tune adjustments. Now this leads me too a couple more questions. The mount comes with a 7" and a 2 1/2 inch pipe. The 7" would put the center of the lens 12"from ceiling. The 2 1/2". Would put the center of the lens at 71/2 " from ceiling. The top of the screen is 91/2" from ceiling. I have 8'6" ceilings so height and placement of the projector no one is going to hit their heads. At 12" if someone stands their head may shadow the screen but that's when we throw stuff at them for standing during a movie. Right now the projector is 13'5" from the screen, since I am changing the mount I can move it back to 14'5" or 18'5" Looking for pro and cons of both the two different height and distance of the projector. Thank you so much Ed
Topic:   help with setup

Hi i installed my projector but i am having an issue that i dont know how to fix. the image on the screen is not straight on the left side and the top. I thought if it was keystone it would be on both sides but it is not. the right side and the bottom is perfectly aligned with the screen.(see pic)i will try to give as much info, but if their is something else you need to know i will post it. thanks in advanced for the help. projector: is Sony vpl-vw85 screen: da lite Cinema Contour 58x104 (119") the top of the screen is 9-1/2 inch from ceiling the projector is 13" from ceiling (to center of lens) the projector is 13'6" from the screen now i checked to see if the projector is centered to screen in two different ways, neither is probably the correct method. the center of the screen from the wall is a 1/2 inch off from the center of the lens. I also took a piece of string and went from the top corner to the center of the lens, then went to the other corner to the center of the lens and was within a 1/4 inch. p.s. although it looks like the projector is just not level, it is. and if i try to correct the top with level adjustments the bottom will be off.
Topic:   Ultimate Home Theater Projector (on a somewhat limited budget)

I apologize if this has been posted before - but I was not able to find any information on this particular projector. I'm working with a budget of about $5,000 - and was almost ready to 'pull the trigger' on a purchase of one of these projectors. One of my friends have one - and it looks absolutely amazing. He said I can't go wrong with Sony - but he's kind of a home-theater novice as well. Can my eyes be wrong? Is there something else in this price range I should check out? Thanks, in advance, for any insight!
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