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Topic:   Sony HW15/HW30 less motion blur than other projectors?

I've got a projector set up specifically for video games, and I'm looking to upgrade it. I've been using an Epson 8350, which has great picture quality but the motion blur is horrible (compared to my previous DLP tv). It seems that the Sony products are the way to go for games, so I'm wondering if anyone has any comment on motion blur on the HW15/HW30 models? Sony's marketing says "no motion blur" due to the SXRD technology, but I haven't seen many actual users comment on it (probably due to the difficulty in picking out source blur vs. display blur). Does SXRD actually have less/no motion blur compared to LCD, and is there a difference in this regard between the HW15 and HW30? I'd love to get the cheaper one - I'm not picky with image quality. Of course, if anyone knows of other projector models with low input lag and low motion blur, I'm all ears! Thanks for any input!
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Topic:   Volume bar doesn't show up

I just replaced my VPL-HS20 with a Sony VPL-HW15 before replacing projector I could view the volume bar on the screen from the receiver along with sound fields. Now it only shows up when watching cable but not when Blu-Ray is selected. Any thoughts?
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Topic:   Mits hc6800 or Sony vpl hw15

Migraine, I think you noted that you would not be watching many movies. I believe about 90% of published projector reviews discuss their merits in terms of movie watching. For sports or video games, perfect color accuracy is probably not that important. The lumen output at the projector's brightest mode is probably more important for you than the best mode.(most color accurate) As most people don't watch sports or play video games in pitch black conditions, you basically need the brightest projector for the money. The other thing to consider in setting up your room is the throw distance. The closer your projector is to the screen, the brighter it will be. Use the calculator on this website to calculate the lumens based on your screen size and throw distance. The sony line is very "film like" and has great colors for movies. Probably not the greatest choice for sports and games. I would take a serious look at the Epson 8500UB. You would save a fair bit over the mitsubishi and get an equally bright picture.
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