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Topic:   Which Serial cable to control Samsung SP-A600 ?

Hello I have a SP-A600 that I want to install at the roof and control remotely via the serial port (power on / off, switch VGA/HDMI). in the manual, there is no info on the detail of RS-232 interface, which is on 3.5mm jack. What is the TX ? RX ? GND ? Real RS-232C or 0-5V can be ok ? If you have a small picture of details... I want to control it via an small arduino. The command to send to power on or switch off is also unclear. The manual gives POWER "OK" , "CANCEL" or "DISPLAY OSD"... what shall I use ? Thank you very much Thomas
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Topic:   Projector Bulbs for computer lab Please Help

If you have brightness problem in your Projector I think you should have top use a branded company Projector which provide to you better resolution, full color, audio,video, text content. Thanks.
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