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Topic:   3D in BENQ MP670 Proyector

Hi, I´m needing help to do Benq MP670 proyector to perform in 3D. I´m conceting the proyector with my Play Station 3 using HDMI 1.4 cable, but when I´m tryng to view 3D content the proyector is not recognizing the 3d Signal, so is not having the option to enable the 3d View. Somebody could help me to make it works? Thanks
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Topic:   Benq 670 or Optoma ex615

Hi there I am trying to choose between Benq Mp670 and Optoma Ex615. I will use it for real estate business pics, videos and some presentations to the investors. I can buy Benq mp670 for 1746 turkish liras (1125USD) and Optoma Ex615 for 1477TL (950USD)... The specs seem to be similar the only question is that the Benq has 3D ready feature which I dont know much about... If you could please comment and help me make my decision. Thanks.