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Topic:   HELP! My projector will not turn on!!

Hi everyone! I am having some trouble with my Optoma ES522 projector. I bought it from the Internet about 3 months ago. The projector was brand new with the warranty and optoma seal on the box. Recently, it has been acting up. When turning it on, the light on the top of the projector flashes three times pauses then flashes three times again, while making a funny whirr whirr whirr noise and will not start. When we unplugged it waited a little and then tried again it would work. However, every time we shut off the projector since it has been acting up it does this same thing. Now, the projector will not turn on at all. When we plug it in and turn it on, it makes a loud alarm kind of sound. The bulb does not turn on but the fans are running. The alarm sound rings about 10 times and then stops while the fan continues to run. What is going on with my projector? I have no proof of purchase because I bought it from the Internet so it is not covered under warranty! Hope someone can help me. Thanks
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