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Topic:   Sources for Generic Projector Case?

I just purchased a BenQ MP776ST... only to discover when it arrived that it did not include a case as all my previous projectors have. Does anyone know of a place that might have a case designed for it, or provisions to search available cases by size? Everything I've found so far makes you search by brand/model, and none include this model in the options. Alternatively, if any of you who are experienced with projectors could point me in a direction of an alternate model of similar dimensions I could also search that way. From what I've looked up so far it seems like this is larger than most of the more common portable projectors. It's listed here as 10.9 x 11.4 x 3.7; I measured about 12x12x4 including the lens with the cap installed. I probably just want a basic soft case (something that will keep the cord/remote/etc together and provide a bit of padding to prevent scratches) however I might consider a hard case at the right price.
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