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Topic:   Projection onto house

You should look at the guys videos more, he has some specifics in there.... Keep in mind that projectors aren't waterproof and are designed to go inside your house. So, if you live in any wet/cold/windy/etc. part of the country, you MUST take serous precautions to protect the projector and you must provide serious ventilation to the projector as well. He specifically says that he uses this: "BenQ MP525ST" That model is discontinued, but was only $800, not thousands. The key to a great deal of this is that he has a WHITE house. If your house isn't white, but is brick or something else, you will be facing some significant issues. Here is a list, sorted by brightness of projectors that are short throw and under $1,800:<g=&t=&db=&dt=&c=&ar=&dvi=2&wr=&sp=14&pjl=&pjw=&pjh=&td=&i=d&is=&sort=brt&sz=15 Now, the Vivitek at the top of the list with a rated 3,600 lumens may be good, but it may not be depending on the shape of your house. If you need more width, then a lot of the brightness of that projector may be lost above/below your home, and you may get more brightness on the actual home by using a widescreen projector which doesn't shoot half the image into the night sky. For example, the Optoma a few spots down is similarly priced and is a 3,500 lumen 1280x800 widescreen projector: Under $900! A big thing to consider is brightness as a house is far larger than the typical projection screen. So, realistically, what matters the most in these setups is lumens. If you look at most of his setup videos, the projector looks rather dim on the house. I'm not sure why the final videos look so bright and punchy, but perhaps that is how they end up turning out. He covers a lot of considerations in the videos he has, and he shows a lot of excellent details with his house setups, so I would go to his YouTube channel and review some more of his videos and figure out if your house is actually appropriate for this type of setup.
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