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Topic:   NEC4100 - Problem with new lamps

I ordered (2) replacement lamps for our NP4100 projector but when I replaced them the projector would not power on and the red lamp 2 led blinks. I removed the new lamps put the old ones back in and it worked fine. I tried a combination of (1) old and (1) new and as long as I had the old lamp in the lamp2 spot it would work. Any ideas? We have less than a 100hrs left on each bulb and a big, AV centered Easter production this weekend. Thanks, Aaron
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Topic:   Projector Networking

I have three NP4100 Projectors that I would like to network together through a LAN using a wireless set up. My question is this - If I have the network set up with a wireless router, can I display data from a computer through the wireless connection without connecting to any of the Video input jacks on the Projector?
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