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Topic:   powerboard for benq w6000

is there any dealers or people who can help me get a powerboard for my benq w6000 i don't care if its used as long as it works
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Topic:   First Projector

I am new to the projector scene. I have a 50" panasonic plasma and really would love to go much larger. I have been doing a bunch of reading and think I have finally narrowed it down to 2 projectors, the Epson 8350 and the Benq W6000. I am curious what people think about these 2 units and they currently are very close in price. I am an avid gamer and will use the projector for 70% gaming and 30% movies. I will be getting a 110"-120" screen and the room its going in is fully light controlled, but like to have some low ambient light on during long gaming sessions. I am a little concerned about the epson having motion lag, but like the warranty and have heard good things about the customer service. The Benq has some great reviews, but I have no idea how good their customer service is and the warranty is only 1 year compared to epsons 2 year. Any information from users would be great :)
Forum: Projectors
Topic:   Appreciate any feedback on my design

I am designing a "dual purpose" theatre. I'll have a indoor setup where the projector will remain most of the time, but I'll also have an outdoor setup on my deck where I'll move the projector as needed. I don't have the projector yet, and I may even wait until next year to see the new models since I still have plenty of planning/construction to complete. My outdoor setup is "more ambitious", so I have concentrated my design efforts there. The current (and constantly evolving) design has me building a 2.40:1 CIH screen with dimensions of 174" w x 73" h. I'd LOVE to include an anamorphic lens in my design, but that's just not financially feasible yet. However, my plan is to design with the idea that I'll "overscan" my 2.40:1 movies initially, and then do the "horizontally compress / anamorphically expand" method down the road when the price of the lens hopefully comes down to a price mere mortals can afford. Since I'll be overscanning for a few years onto a relatively large screen, I need a projector with high lumens...hence my choice to strongly consider the BenQ W6000. I've calculated my images using three methods. First, I looked at how I'll watch standard HDTV (16:9). My CIH dimensions would be 130"w x 73"h (with 22" of screen to mask off on each side). Secondly, I looked at how I'll watch 2.40:1 by overscanning. My "projected" dimensions would be 174"w x 98"h (1/3 of my image is wasted), but my "displayed" dimensions would be 174"w x 73"h. And finally, I looked at my eventual 2.40:1 anamorphic solution. My "projected" dimensions would be 130"w x 73"h, and my "anamorphic" dimensions would be 174"w x 73"h. Obviously, the biggest concern would be do I have enough lumens for the worst case solution of "overscanning". According to projectorcentral's "projection calculater", I'll have enough lumens assuming my screen gain is 1.4 or higher and I don't use the maximum throw. Since I'll be using goo systems Reference White, I'll be getting a gain of 1.4 at 45deg and 1.8 at 0deg. Now I know that the bulb dims overtime, and I'm pushing the envelope a little, but I think it's a fair compromise since it's only a temporary solution. And absolute worst case, I'll mask the screen to a slightly smaller size.