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Topic:   Floor Projections

I cannot find much help for this problem. People look at me like I'm joking or something. I'm NOT JOKING. This is a valid problem and nobody seems to know how to solve it. There has to be other people who have done this before and solved the problem!! Right?!?! We have a legitimate need to project a drawing on the ground to give us the manufacturing dimensions for large frames. In an ideal situation, we would project a box 20' x 45'. That would handle all of our needs. I know that 20'x 45' is a little large, so I am willing to buy a few projectors and put them together in order to arrive at out frame size. It wouldn't need to be terribly bright because we could dim the lights to make marks of the frame location then turn off the projector. This would be easier if I had a building with a 100' high ceiling. As you can guess, those aren't too popular or are extremely expensive. I need to get the projector to give me a large projection from 13 or 14'. I saw the reply made by one person who recommended a mirror to point the projection down and then the projector can be level or close to level. I like that and it would add some distance which would expand the size of the projection even more, but....... I have already tried that on a low ceiling with a cheap mirror. We had two problems with that. 1. the mirror wasn't perfectly flat. The larger the mirror, the harder it is to get a flat mirror. The image was distorted. 2. The projector was an "Ultra Short Throw" projector and even though our mirror was 66" square, the projection went off the edge pretty quickly. You couldn't gain much distance between the projector and the mirror. All that said, the first problem is significant. If the projection isn't accurate, you have nothing. Baffled Building Baloney?