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Topic:   Replacement bulb overheating

Hello all, I have a Mitsubishi XD600U. I have ordered 3 replacement bulbs for it, and all of these would run for a short time and then shutdown the projector with an overheating warning. The Mitsubishi website links to various online retailers, all offer the Mitsubishi VLT-XD600LP bulb which is the model that overheats. The original bulb still works, it's hasn't blown yet. It has never given me a problem. Is there somewhere I can get a replacement bulb for this projector that will be exactly the same as the factory bulb? How will I know in advance that a bulb has been engineered to the same specifications as a factory bulb?
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Topic:   Mitsubishi 3D Ready Project - glasses?

We recently got a new PA and projection system at church. To our surprise - and glee - we found that the project was 3D ready. However, I can't seem to find what glasses are compatible with this projector. I know that Mitsubishi doesn't make their own glasses, and that they have to be active. Don't know how the projector syncs the glasses, if its IR, Bluetooth, or White screen. Does anyone know what glasses will be compatible? I've contacted one store and they tried to sell me an adapter kit. The blurb on the website seems to indicate that you only need glasses. (I'll be running a PS3 through it). Thank you.
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