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Topic:   Choosing between several projectors... need help!

First post here... I've been doing researches for a projector upgrade and it has come down to the following: 1. Christie LW400 2. Christie LX400 3. Infocus IN3118HD While they're all within our church budget... their price difference is not small. (#1 being the most expensive and #3 being the least) Requirement for my church: 1. At least 3000 lumens (need the firepower to fight sunlights) 2. Able to do a 6-20 ft throw 3. Portable Does anyone know the difference between Christie LW400 and LX400 other than the fact that one is native widescreen (LW) and the other being 4:3 (LX)? Has anyone done a side-by-side comparison? Christie sent us a LX400 Demo to try out and we loved it. We're still using a 4:3 screen... and we don't know when we'll be moving on to a widescreen setup. However, the last time our church has a budget for a new projector was 10 years ago... so i need to do some plan ahead here. Infocus IN3118HD, on the other hand, has some good spec. But because of the fact that it's a very new model, no reviews or information other than specs is found online. So if anyone has any experience with any of these projectors or any suggestions please do share!! Thanks! -Skylat
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