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Topic:   Maximum screen size of short throw projectors

Hi, thank you for your feedback! We have now modified our requirements a little, and looking for short throw, as opposed to ultra-short throw has given me what looks like a better solution! The Viewsonic PJD5351 has a throw ratio of 0.9:1 which should give a reasonable size image across the room. It is also brighter than the previous projectors (2500 lumens). The resolution is 4:3 rather than 16:9, but this is ok. In fact, I have proposed that we now put two next to each other to get 2048x768! This is actually reasonable, as the Viewsonic costs half as much as the previous two I was looking at! Here is the data sheet: The room we are using will be completely dark, and has just been painted a very dark blue to help the darkness. In terms of image quality, the old projector in the room is a Sanyo PLC-SW20, which is only 1000 lumens, with a 350:1 contrast ratio and it doesn't look too bad, so these new ones should do a pretty good job! If only it had a DVI input! :D Thanks Again
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