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Topic:   NEC NP300 Projector -- Any Good? New @ NEC $439

I am looking to buy my first Projector. It will be a substitute for TV when viewing movies a few times a week. I don't need the most current technology. A good picture (1024x720 is sufficient), and reliable product at a reasonable price (under $500) will get me into this world of Big Screen movies. I am leaning toward LCD display, but not married to it. I am looking at several used options on Ebay in this price range -- Mitsubishi HC1500, Sony Bravia VPL-AW10. But I just came across the NEC NP300 available on the NEC website for $439. This has a 1024x728 native resolution, and was available from NEC Jan 2009 until June 2010. $439 seems like a terrific price for a new projector with a two year warranty. But after an hour of serching I can find only one customer review (says great picture, but poor remote) and no expert reviews. On the NEC site, when I click on the link to the NP300 user manual, the user manual for NP400/500/600 is served up. STRANGE. I am very tempted to purchase this projector, it appears to meet my limited needs. But without any reviews anywhere or other 3rd party evaluation, I am hesitant. Any help would be very appreciated. ProjectorCentral: NEC: Thanks
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