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Topic:   Projector image shifts to the right and gets cut off

Hey folks. Having an issue with a projector that I just cannot seem to figure out. This is a classroom projector. Occasionally we have speakers and guests in the classroom. Doesn't seem to happen with all computers, but occasionally, someone will hook their computer up to the monitor, it will go through an auto adjustment (this part seems to be the key issue), then the picture will shift halfway to the right and cut off the rest of the image. The only cure is to go into the projector settings and manually adjust the horizontal position. Occasionally, pressing windows + p and going to extend then back to duplicate monitors will cure it - sometimes this does nothing. But it is all very random. I've tried just about everything. Resolution on the computers does not seem to matter. I have made sure that each problematic computer is set to 60hz refresh rate and 1024x768. Even tried it on other resolutions. There does not seem to be a solid reason behind it. Anyone have any pointers I could try? I'm really not quite sure where to start as this problem is very inconsistent. The image always looks good on the screen for the first few seconds - but once the cable is plugged in, the projector "auto adjusts", after it does that then the shift sometimes happens. I've looked through the manual and I cannot seem to find any documentation on how to disable this auto adjustment either. Thank you Edit: I guess I should also mention that pressing auto adjust on the remote when the image is shifted does NOT fix the issue, ever.
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