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Topic:   Crazy IR remote OFF code for JVC DLA-HD350

I have a bizarre problem with programming my Pronto 7000 remote to turn OFF my DLA-HD350 projector. The Standby/Off button of the JVCs own remote must be pressed twice to actually turn off the unit (there is a confirmation screen). As for all other codes of all other devices, I "learned" the IR codes for the JVC remote into my Pronto. All work great except this OFF function. Despite sending the learned code twice and a delay between the two ranging from 0.2 to 4 seconds, the projector will not respond to the SECOND code. It correctly reads the first since i see the confirmation screen, but ignores the second. I have tried the discreet ON/OFF codes found on and even found a JVC document that offered a code (that they say to simply send twice). NO luck. Has anyone else seen this problem?? Thanks for any and all help. Tom Stanley
Topic:   JVC HD350 screen size confusion

I'm about to order a screen and was debating size. So went to ProjectorCentral calulator and numbers were ft lambert 21 and 18 for screen diag 110/120 respectively. I called up JVC to confirm and support said with this projector there is no light loss with any screen size up to 200 inches. Since this is my first projector i am confused by this because even the salesperson never mentioned this when i discussed screen size and was trying to use his calculator to figure this out.
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