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Topic:   NewbQ: Sony VPL-VW70, dark areas r fuzzy/noisy

Hello all- apologies in advance for asking a quintessential newb question. I inherited a home theater from my dad and most of it is working great, but there's a projector issue that is bugging me. Regardless of what I'm watching (streaming media, HDTV, etc) the really dark areas of the screen tend to break down into a murky, pixilated area of fuzz. It's very hard to describe.. It's not motion blur, and it's something more than "loss of shadow detail" because it's kind of moving. I'm used to seeing this kind of thing when I play low-res video files, but it's happening with very high resolution content. Any ideas? I know the VPL-VW70 is an older model, but because of sentimental value I'm hoping to hold onto it. Other info that might be of help: AV receiver is Yamaha Aventage RX-830 connected to the projector via HDMI (and everything going into the receiver is HDMI).
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