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Topic:   Barco FLM R22+ issue

Barco FLM R22+
Projector Specs
Hi there, I have a problem with a Barco FLM R22 + and I hope that someone here might have a good idea. configuration: Laptop (PC or Mac) via VGA > RGBHV breakout on Extron DA4 RGBHV and then 50m RGBHV cable to the projector , resolution 1400x1050 ( problem also exists at lower resolutions ) Problem is as follows : I have a 4x3m ( even measured it ! ) Screen and I need a full screen image. Sounds pretty easy first . The problem is that the projected image after a factory reset and formatter reset is compresseded in the horizontal , even if it is output natively, so that circles doesn't look round but oval. The projector also shows me that it gets the right resolution. Have tried everything in the projector Toolset, checked the adjustments, performed an update, checked the aspect ratio, loaded the correct image files (fit and all) Even the internal test pattern look compressed. Have it now solved with warping to get a right image, that of course works, but can not be the last word . Any ideas ? Have I missed something maybe ?