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Topic:   Can't figure out screen size (16:9 vs Letterbox) - need help!!

I have ceiling mounted an Infocus X10 just under 18 feet away from the wall on which I'm projecting the image. Per the Calculator Pro, the image size should be 120" diagonal (105" W x 55" H). However, when I play 16:9 DVDs, the image is nowhere close to being 55" high. The image is definitely 105" wide, but the height is much less. However, when I switch the projector image to "Letterbox" mode, the image adjusts to the dimensions suggested above by the calculator. I'm not certain if this is expected behavior or if I need to set something up differently than I have. The projector calculation above was based on 16:9, but the image size in that mode does not correspond to said dimensions. I like the larger image that's displayed when I play it in Letterbox mode, but I'm sure the picture is being distorted and I'm losing part of the image because of scaling. Any pointers or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks!
Topic:   Calibration disc?

I'm in the process of setting up my home theater system. A friend recently suggested that I get a calibration disc to help set the projector up for optimal performance. He couldn't recall which one he'd used when he set his system up. Is there one that's recommended in general, or should I be looking for a specific one for my projector (Infocus X10 1080p)? Thanks!
Topic:   total newbie - need help setting up Infocus X10

Thank you. That's very helpful. Do you know what adjustment I'll need to use in order to move the image higher on the wall so that the screen does not start 2' below the ceiling? As I understand it, once I've moved the image, I'll need to use the Keystone feature to make it square again, but I'm not sure how I would move the image up. Also, how much can I shift the image? Can it be moved 12"? Any thoughts on how much in image quality I'd be giving up by doing so? I saw on the ceiling mount that it has the following in its specification: Pitch: +5°/ -20° Roll: ± 10° Is that something that can be used essentially as a lens shift? Sorry if these questions are too basic. I'm realizing now that I should have researched a projector and these basics first before running off and buying one! :( Any recommendations for alternative projectors in similar price range and quality that better fit my home theater set up would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks again!
Topic:   total newbie - need help setting up Infocus X10

Hello, all - I am a total newbie as it relates to setting up a projector - please forgive any questions that are too basic and do feel free to point me to resources where this information may already be discussed/available. I just purchased an X10 from Costco for my basement - the room is about 20' deep and 12 feet wide. The ceiling is 8' high. As I read the directions on the Infocus site, they suggest that if I mount the projector 18' away from the wall, the screen will need to be 65" x 116" (134" diagonal). I read on another thread that 110" would be optimal. I also read something about 36" offset from center of the lens in the Infocus manual, and am now thoroughly confused. Could someone please break this down into layman's terms for me? If I flush mount the projector using the Infocus ceiling mount (SP-CEIL-UNIV), and plan to mount the projector 18' from the screen, how big a screen should I plan on getting/building? Are the measurements suggested for screen size calculation fixed or can they be tinkered with without changing the throw distance? Ideally, I'd like a 110" diagonal screen and mount the projector at 18', but it appears that I'd have to mount the projector at 14'10" to get a 110" screen. Many thanks in advance for your help.