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Topic:   Are Projector Power Cords Universal?

I had an Infocus ScreenPlay5000 and the power source went bad. The infocus power cord is snaked through my ceiling and would be a royal pain to get out. I just bought a Dell 1409x to replace the infocus projector, and I see that the power cable looks the same(the dell cord is a little shorter than the infocus one) and has the same "10A 125V" ratings stamped on the cord as the old one...are the power cords interchangeable? And if so, given the powersource on the old projector went bad, would you trust the old cord on the new projector? THANKS!
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Topic:   Screen size and distance??

Hello, I just purchased Dell 1409X for my wifes classroom. Dimensions are 24'x24' with 9' drop ceiling. Need recommendation on screen size, ceiling mount and distance between projector and screen? Thank you!
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