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Topic:   Replacement Project Questions (Brightness vs. Screen Distance, etc.)

Hello, We currently use our projector at our church for powerpoint only. No video or even animation on the slides, just static images/graphs. We had a Sanyo (I don't know the model number) that was rated at 3700 lumens and positioned approximately 17' away from the screen, casting a 135" diagonal image. This projector is beginning to malfunction and will have to be taken offsite for a couple weeks to get it repaired. I looked into renting a projector while it is gone but at the rates rental places charge We could buy another one! Which brings me to the CP-A100..My question is this: At the same screen size (135"), the 2500 Lumen CP-A100 only needs to be placed 22" away from the screen, which is over 9x closer than the Sanyo we currently have. My main concern is, will the image be at least as bright (or hopefully brighter) than the old projector? so, all other things being equal, would a 3700 lumen @ 17' be brighter or a 2500 lumen at 22"? I also considered looking into rear projection material but I think this will be a big enough step for now! I realize that probably neither of these 2 projectors provide optimal brightness, but we are not so much concerned with visual perfection as having something that everyone can see. Thanks for your time and I'm open to hearing about any other factors I may be missing.
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