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Topic:   Panasonic - Network - Mac

Hello, We have a Panasonic PT-F200NTU. Trying to connect wirelessly. We can connect to my Macbook Pro only with ad-hoc settings, peer to peer. Question 1: Is there any set of clear instructions/tips on how to connect the projector the our wireless network instead of peer to peer? The instructions from Panasonic are not clear. Question 2: If we succeed in connecting to the WIFI in our building, how do we connect to the projector after? Thanks a lot for any help. JC
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Topic:   Panasonic F200NT Problem

I currently am using the PC1, PC2 and Video inputs. The problem I am experiencing is that when PC2 is selected, the image from PC1 kind of buzzes across the screen. The effect is reduced when changing to a higher refresh rate of 85hz, however is still present. Does this sound like a defective video card?
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