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Topic:   Viewsonic projectors good? The PJ513DB for instance...

hi, i was wondering if anyone here has viewsonic projectors? is viewsonic a good brand? any issues? i foud the viewsonic PJ513DB for under $500 bucks and even though the resolution is only 800 x 600 that will be enough for me. i currently have a toshiba with the same res as above and has served me well so far. but i need a new one... also... i read that the model above comes with a 3 years warranty. any input from you will be appreciated. thank you all :)
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Topic:   viewsonic pj513db

is anyone familiar with this projector? I am looking for a projector for my home theater, I like the price. read a lot of good reviews on the PJ503D but want the zoom option that the PJ513DB has. Any info asap would be great!
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