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Topic:   Used Epson Powerlite 83+

Hello, I'm new to the forum, and new to projectors. A guy I know is selling a used Epson Powerlite 83+ for $180. I know it's an old and discontinued product, but while comparing it's specs to current models, I see that the 1024 x 768 native resolution is not so bad. I would use the projector exclusively to watch movies at home, using external speakers. So, my questions are: 1) Is this projector a reasonable option? Or is it better for me to get a new "budget" projector for about $200. 2) Since it's used, I assume I would need to replace the lamp soon. Are replacement lamps for the Epson Powerlite 83+ easy to find? 3) This projector doesn't have HDMI input (only VGA), but it does have a LAN port. Since my notebook only has HDMI output (no VGA), I need to know if I can use the LAN port to send input to the projector through the network. The current owner has never used the LAN port, so he doesn't know if it works through a network.
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Topic:   Effects of color saturation increase

I have a laptop with Intel HD Graphics, and recently I was messing with the color settings when I came upon color saturation. When I increase the saturation, the colors become much richer and look way better than default settings. Now this might be a stupid question, but does keeping color saturation higher wear out the lamp or pixels? This question mostly applies to my 3LCD Epson PowerLite 83+, but i'd like to know if the effect is different on any other type of display. Thanks! - Luke
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Topic:   Component to HDMI Setup Questions

Can anyone recommend an HDMI projector? I prefer an LCD projector like Epson or Hitachi, but anything with sufficient brightness, color, and lamp life will do. On the side, I need a Home Theater receiver as well. Of course I would like it to support HDMI, at least 5.1 surround capability, and 500 watts output or more. Any help is greatly appreciated -Luke
Topic:   Composite to HDMI question

I have an Epson Powerlite 83+. I love this projector and it has done me well for over 4 years. However, all of my new devices (xbox, PC) support HDMI, which my projector doesn't. I have 2 options that I am willing to try. A. Sell the 83+ and get an HDMI-compatible projector. B. Buy an VGA to HDMI converter. I understand that option B is much cheaper, but I am ready for a new projector as well because 720p doesn't hold up well for movies. When you leave a suggestion, please leave a brand/model name and a link to a website with specs. Thanks! -Luke
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Topic:   Epson 83+ for home?

First of all, I apologize for being a newbie here. I am looking for an inexpensive projector (not necessarily HD) for home use and have found an Epson Powerlite 83+ for $230. I want to hook up my Macbook Pro to watch movies and my Wii. Any thoughts? It is XGA at 2200 lumens which seems good for my needs but is a business/educational projector. Thanks for any advice.
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