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Topic:   ASK Proxima A1200 Resolution problems

Sorry if this seems a little long winded, but I just wanted to give a thorough explanation. I work in an elementary school, with 3 recently installed projectors of this sort, all connected to identical laptops. Two are ceiling mounted, and one is just set up on a table. The two that are ceiling mounted have the following problem: when the computer resolution is set to 1024x768, the projectors interperet this as 1280x800 (for some reason), and there's a 1024x768 box in the bottom right portion of the screen with the video signal that we want. This leaves a thin black bar along the top and a fairly wide black bar on the left side. When the computer is set to 800x600, the image fills the entire screen nicely. The one projector set on a desk connected directly to its laptop has none of these problems. I've taken the laptop from the working setup to the rooms with the problems, and the problems remain. The interesting bit: If I stand under one of the ceiling mounts and run a cable directly to it, the problem goes away. The vendor that set up the cabling has come out to look and they are just confused about it and can't believe the cabling could be at fault, but there's no other possibility I see. Details about the cabling: The vendor installed a jack on the wall with composite, svideo, and vga inputs. The cabling carrying the vga signal is a single shielded cat6 cable. This setup has worked fine in all the rooms with Epson or other projectors. Basically... any ideas? Help!
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