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Topic:   How benq W2000 is superior to W1110s for extra 200 € ?

Hi, I would like to know is it worth to spend 200 € more for benq W2000 than W1110s ? I dont see any noticeable differences. Infact w1110s is 2200 lumens. Please advice me which one to go for? I use projector for watching movies and TV shows.
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Topic:   New projector needed advice appreciated

I have had my W20000 for about 4 years now, it has just shy of 1000 hrs on the original bulb and is a integral part of my dedicated home theater. I only use it for movies in a controlled light environment. That being said, for the last 6 months or so, all of a sudden the image will sku and I will get various levels of banding across the image. Usually turning it on and off remedies the situation. It's like a small strip down the middle is taken out and a different strip is added somewhere else. I have determined that it is the projector and am faced with a dilemma. I was going to contact Benq and send it in for repair, but given that it is getting close to its bulb life along with the cost of the repair, I am wondering if I should upgrade and if so, what would be the best projector to suit my needs... Obviously I would something that is an improvement on the W20000 but am limited in my requirements. They are as follows 1080 Single HDMI input 3D would be a nice add on ( I don't have it now but....) My max screen size is 110 inch 16:9 Lens shift Ceiling mount Calibratable Interested in input or thoughts....
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Topic:   Benq W20000

BenQ is advertising a refurbished W20000 for $1900. My question has to do with my set-up. I will be placing a projector on a coffee table 22inches high shinning on a 92 inch screen 13 feet away which sets 44 inches off the floor. Also the screen is off center from the projector (60% to the left of center). Does anyone know if this set-up would work? Thanks for any assistance.
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Topic:   Benq W5000 DLP black&white strips on half the screen

[QUOTE=gwlaw99|Aug 17, 2008 4:33:36 AM] I think its time to send it in for warranty work right away. [/QUOTE] I just had the same thing happen with my W20000. (it's inverted from ceiling) so the right half of the screen started to jitter, while the left side was perfectly normal. I first thought it was a glitch on the new blu-ray title i was playing, and then the right half of screen went black. and that was pretty much that. i powered off the unit, let it sit a few minutes and turned it back on to immediately have the right half of the screen covered in alternating black and white vertical line. The left side of the screen was instead a mess of posterisation and what looked about a 16 colour palette. so i've powered off the unit again, unplugged everything and will let it sit a while longer.... BTW when i re-powered it up the first time,after the initial half black screen, the internal sounds seems different to me, as if the PJ was struggling to start something up..i'm pretty sure i heard 3 distinct moans of a power-motor, and then the screen did it's black and white stripe show..... an update on your W5000 problems/solutions would be greatly appreciated. Matt.G
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