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Topic:   Computer doesn't detect my HDMI projector.

Projector is Optoma HD65. I'm running windows 7. It did for a while but now my computer does not detect my HMDI projector. The projector will work connected to a DVD player with the same HDMI cable and my LCD TV works fine connected to the computer as a 2nd display. Again, with the same HDMI cable. Hence, the physical connection (HDMI port/HDMI cable) is not source of the problem. The computer simply will not detect the projector as a second display device. I'm totally baffled. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!
Topic:   Projector not projecting....

My projector recently went out while watching a football game. No warnings appeard on screen about low bulb life or overheating. I assumed it was the bulb and replaced it. The bulb still doesn't come on when powered up. The fan and green power light will come on for about 3 minutes before the green light goes to the solid red bulb light. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Topic:   Can I use projector upside-down without ceiling mount?

I'm a first-time projector owner as of earlier today, and very excited. I just picked up an Optoma HD65 DLP at a great price. I'm about to move apartments in a few weeks, and I'm not sure how the living room will be set up yet, but I have a few preliminary questions: (1) Is is possible to keep a projector upside-down on a high shelf (as opposed to a ceiling mount)? I wouldn't want to damage the top of it, but is there maybe something that can be attached to accomplish this? (2) If I opt for a ceiling mount, how invasive is it to the ceiling? I don't want to do too much permanent damage, as I don't own the property. Thanks for any help!
Topic:   Screen Door Effect

Thanks for the feedback the trip setup is not on for me, just no way I have that sort of cash and simplicity is important (the sim set up is complex enough with wires everywhere) I understand it would be an awesome set up but I have my limitations. I did hook up my Pany AU900 and 100% improvement over the NEC. Very sharp no visible screen door. Problem is the throw at the min zoom I cover 60% of the screen if I can get this sort of sharpness (which I assume is due to the higher resolution of the pany) I will be very happy. So my next move is a 720/1080I/P 16:9-10 with the shortest throw available. Any suggestions apart from the $30k type I am looking at a budget of not more than $2k a $699 cheap PJ would be great. Which model offers the shortest throw and a resolution of not less than 720p? I tried the PJ finder all short throw are 1280x800 (WXGA)same as the NEC 500WS. The best match I came up with was the Optoma HD65. Thanks for any advise.
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Topic:   Projector Problem: Please help!

The last time I used my projector, it worked fine without a problem. Now when I try to turn it on, the green light blinks, the fan runs for a while, and then eventually the lamp led turns solid red. My bulb only had 350 hours on it and appears to be fine. Does anyone have any idea what could be the problem? I had read it could possibly be the lamp ballast. Is that more then likely the problem or is there something else that could be the problem. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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