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Topic:   Epson Vs Viewsonic

I currently have a ViewSonic PJ560D with 3200 Lumens. I upgraded to this a year ago over an PJ557D that had 2200 Lumens. This is in a commercial location and I have it projecting Direct TV for my patrons. The room has a lot of ambiant light but none directly on the screen. The 3200 Lumens was a great improvement in quality but I could use more (of course). The screen is a 135" 4x3 pull down but I have it pulled up to fit the 16:9 HD signal so I don't know the exact hight but should be around 115"ish. I purchased the PJ560D used over a year ago and it is now starting to give me troubles. I just found another used ViewSonic PJD6240 which is also 3200 lumens. I hear that a lot of projectors don't really meet their stated lumens but that Epson comes the closest to actually doing it. While in a Buffalo Wild Wings yesterday I noticed that they were using both ViewSonic and Epson projectors. None of them looked comparable to the others but by far the best projector was an Epson. (each projector seemed to be better than the next one. I can't believe they have such a diparity in quality there) I wish I could tell you the model numbers but that wasn't viewable to me. I guess my question is this: With all the hype I hear about Epsons would buying a lower lumen Epson actually be better than the higher lumen ViewSonic??
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